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Enjoying the World of Preferences

Course Code : 19MBWOP01D | Duration : 1 Day

Introduction :

You are leading or recommending a change! Won't you be happy if you get to know the people who can willingly gather resources and try energizing everyone to implement the change? You are analyzing options for taking a very important decision. Won't you be glad if you and your team can not only analyze consequences and stand for important principles but also can forecast how other will react & feel and stand for human-centered values?

Oh…! It would be a Dream Team indeed!! Isn't it?

Natural preferences over the other lead individuals to direct energy and to develop working patterns! And for that one needs to understand these preferences! This short course is designed to facilitate the understanding and demonstrate the use of this indispensable insight!

Course Structure :

Module 1 : Understanding types and their impact

Module 2 : Demonstration and Application

Participants' profile :

It would be great if we have actual working teams undergoing this program. So it will also help building and enhancing cohesive environment as program continues. The best range would be minimum 15 to maximum 25 participants.

Please Note :

  1. Although the basic structure of the courses remains same for all the levels in the organization; the gravity, complexity and reach of training assignments & discussions shall be different.
  2. Once the course is done, it is suggested conducting follow up sessions. These sessions may be, depending up on the audience & organization priority, one-to-one or to groups and development plans (DP) can be chartered and followed up. The participants will be guided to enhance their preferences and abilities based on the DP.
  3. We can request individual participants to share their type then to organization if they are willing to do that. My experience is people do share once they get an assurance that this information will NOT be misused!