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Dealing with Conflict

Course Code : 23MBDWC01D | Duration : 1 Day

Introduction :

Conflicts develop for a host of reasons, differences in - culture, race, gender, religion, social views, politics, personal commitments, values, personal life events, education, and other shaping experiences, competitive pressures within work … so on!

Underlying reasons for these could be important differences in preferences of communication styles, information gathering and giving, decision making and structuring the environment. This short course is designed to facilitate the understanding and demonstrate the use of this indispensable insight!

Course Structure :

Module 1 : Understanding types and their impact

(Please refer the 'Benefits' section below for the advantages)

(** Formal tools like "Form M" self scorable may be used. This will be a great contributory asset not only to the participants but to the organizations as well. One may look forward for developing TYPE Inventory.)

Module 2 : Demonstration and Application

Participants' profile :

Organization leaders, team leads, project leads, project managers, leaders/ senior/ middle level managers from all the divisions & departments can enjoy the session.
It would be advantageous to include the participants of similar profiles in terms of their seniority/ experience attending the batch.

Benefits of using TYPE dynamics :

Using type dynamics in conflict resolution provides the following benefits.

Please Note :

  1. Once the course is done, it is suggested conducting follow up sessions. These sessions may be, depending up on the audience & organization priority, one-to-one or to groups and development plans (DP) can be chartered and followed up. The participants will be guided to enhance their preferences and abilities based on the DP.