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Summary Draft by Neha Bagmar - PMP, Refined by Dhananjay Gokhale, Photo Credits – Sunil Jambekar

9 industry teams, 142 participants, 330 plus audience, 19 volunteers, 3 judges, 2 PM juries, 2 backstage engineers
, with one common thread amongst all – the enthusiasm and happiness of participating in the consecutive 4th year of the unique event – "The Dramatic World of Project Management" organized by Dhananjay Gokhale (DG) took place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February - 2016.

The D-Day, 13th February 2016, Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium

10.00am IST: DG is on stage, greets everyone and announce the agenda for two days event while inviting all team leaders on stage. Team leaders share their experience about rehearsals. The event begins by "Nandi" (A ritual song to seek support from the God). This song os specifically casted in the context of Project.


11.00am IST: Finally the third bell rings, lights off, camera and action. The 3DPLM Software Solutions team members ready to present Ma.Na.Re.Ga.

The plot: The play revolves around, Ma.Na.Re.Ga. (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005), a government scheme offering employment in villages. A frustrated IT engineer along with his wife takes a project offer from his father to improve life of villagers through Ma.Na.Re.Ga scheme.

The impression: Through the various activities of the characters the play highlights the PMI principles about ethics, conflict resolution, problem solving and absolute fulfilment about delivering a successful project. The IT engineer shares his angst with his father about where his life is heading and what kind of fruitless work he is doing. Father offers a solution, believe me fathers always do! The son accepts a project offer from his father to deliver employment to villagers through the Ma.Na.Re.Ga. Scheme. Along with his wife he lands into this village filled with various characters, right from a clueless Sarpanch, a smart PA to naïve villagers. The effort which the son and his wife have to convince people to hear out about the scheme is well touched in the play. How the PA has to arrange a Lavani program to get all villagers together tickles all your funny bones. Finally, the son – an IT Engineer, expresses that this project was his Life's regression testing.

12.00am IST: Kal, Aaj Aur Kal (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) by Just in Time Nautanki.

The plot: The play tries to co-relate a kid's childhood with his grown-up professional life
as a Project Manager.

The Impression: The play starts with Sid (protagonist), a boy in his teens enjoying his bicycle and his favorite Mastani drink. Someone steals Sid's bicycle making him grow into fear about how he will tell this to his strict father who thinks of him as a worthless kid.

Kal, Aaj Aur Kal
The play smartly moves few years into future to show how Sid is afraid about his Boss when he grows to be a project manager and misses a project deadline. The play elegantly co-relates these two events to put forward the thought process of a PM. Throughout the play there is a continuous swing between the past, present and future of Sid's life. Stressing the importance of proper planning, requirement gathering, analysis risk management and lessons learned is the key take-away from this play. This in fact echoes the importance of PMI principles in professional as well in personal life.

MilkoMeda13.00am IST: MilkoMeda by Aker Powergas Subsea Pvt.Ltd.

The plot: A Sponsor, a PM and his team all coming from divergent backgrounds try to save earth DNA before a terrible collision takes place between Milky-way and Andromeda galaxies causing destruction all around.

The impression: Milkomeda is such an entertaining play because of its hilarious plot. It's fun from beginning to end. Drawing reference from "Bhagvad Gita" where Krishna answers all of Arjuna's questions and makes him see the bigger picture the Sponsor offers an impossible looking project to the PM, making him see the bigger picture and benefits of performing this project. Sponsor sets his expectations and promises PM to support throughout the Project completion. This play emphasizes the PM skills of identifying resources, team building, risk mitigation, ownership and never-say-die attitude. The PM should be honest to the project. If the PM trusts on the project; then at times the project guides the PM. The way the PM convinces people from different background (an Auto driver to drive a rocket, a wannabe film actress to work as a Business Analyst and a wary couple to work as a tester and developer) to be part of this project highlights the PMI concepts of how should a PM manage/recruit resources from different geographies and cultures.

14th February 2016,

10.00am IST: Pudhe Dhoka Aahe (Danger Ahead) by KPIT Technologies Ltd.

The plot: Its light hearted family drama where Mother wants his striving son to get married to beautiful Girl but Son thinks that Marriage is a potential threat.

The Impression: Play opens up with a family interaction between mother and one of her NRI friend who brings girls proposal to this family. On the other hand son dreams about his project success, CPA chart, how project's deliverables will complete in phases and so on.

Pudhe Dhoka Aahe
Play moves on with series of acts in play – boy's meeting with the girl, he denying the proposal, family tantrums at home, boy having business conversations, investor backing out and few more. Finally the boy realizes what he was seeing that Marriage as potential threat can be converted into opportunity to bring success in professional life. This play leaves a suggestion to everyone not to live with baseless assumption and any potential threat or negative risk can be mitigated by taking risk in life and sometimes can be transformed to opportunity.

11.00am IST: A Safe Journey by Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

The plot: "Waterfall v/s Scrum Model". The play highlights good and not so good aspects of Scrum and Waterfall methodology.

The impression: The play starts on the backdrop of a failed project due to waterfall model. The drawbacks of waterfall model are highlighted. Later, a consultant known as Scrum Baba comes into the picture who makes team understand the importance of Scrum. Initially team goes well with work to deliver the project using scrum but when they hear about scope change and discovers one of many drawbacks of scrum. In this situation again they come across SAFE (scaled agile framework) way of working and tries overcome the problem. The play delivers a message that none of the methodology is failsafe in the project management world. In the essence play brings foreword the advantage and disadvantage of Waterfall and Scrum Models.

12.00 pm IST: Kar Lo Future Mutthi Main (Make you own destiny) by Sailpoint Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.

The plot: Karjava Company wins a bid to develop unbelievable product. As drama theme says, to know about future that means develop a 'future-telling' software.

The impression: The opening scene shows an award ceremony in which they announce the winner of unbelievable project and awarded this project to Karjava Company to develop a "future-telling" software.

Kar Lo Future Mutthi Main
Project manager fainted after hearing about this impossible project but his boss is quite sure and calls a kick off meeting. Lots of ideas came through brainstorming. "Why and How?" method is used and then later data has collected based on feedback mechanism. Ultimately the future telling software was developed to know organization's employee future based on collected data. At the end of the drama developed software reveals the future of the Project Manager himself which creates the chuckle amongst the audience.

Hi – Fi Swargat 13.00pm IST: Hi – Fi Swargat (Hi – Fi Heaven) by Alfa Laval India Limited.

The plot: Sponsor (God – Lord Indra) throws a challenge to project manager (Steve Jobs) to bring Advance (Hi-Fi) Technologies in Heaven. Challenge was accepted by the Project Manager to deliver project within budget and schedule.

The impression: Delightful set was created on stage, where all gods are enjoying peace comfort in heaven and suddenly Narada (the Communicator) joins in complaining about traffic of satellites and the culprit - human being! They call Steve to understand why the human being has created all this. Steve explains them about of advance technology and its benefit. Sponsor asks Steve to bring all latest technologies in heaven with given time budget. The PM starts identifying man, material and resources. Steve develops a wonderful team comprising APJ Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawala, Hanuman, Jatayu, and Elizabeth – a film character. It was fun to see all these legends – who are now not with us – working in heaven.

14.30pm IST: Prince and Prince by PRAJ Industries Limited

The plot: A ferocious project manager works on projects to make people famous in their downtrodden and hopeless lives. In the process all the norms, ethics, regulations are kept aside to achieve the target.

The Impression: Every project manager wants his project to be a success but how he achieves that success is also equally important. Prince and Prince is successful in highlighting this fact. A demoralized pesticide selling young man wants to become famous. The PM promises him so and suggests to jump in a bore-well to attract media attention. How the bureaucrats, police, local ministers and public together turn into selfish hawks to self-fund their agenda and avoid actual responsibility of saving a life is highlighted dramatically in the play. It resembles very well with the reality in the corporate world where sometimes the key stakeholders are interested more in their agenda than the success of the project. No one wants to accept responsibility and works towards resolution but find solace in finger pointing. Not every idea is worth selling and not every shortcut taken justifies the achievement. The project manager needs to believe in it and follow the PM practices of ethics, Code of conduct; honesty and team work is the key takeaway from this play

P.YAM 15.30pm IST: P.YAM (Lord Yam's Project) by Tieto Software Technologies Ltd.

The plot: Lord Yam (the lord of death) comes to pick up the Project Manager as his lifetime comes to an End. This play depicts how project manager convince Yam by taking his project to develop Death Management System (DMS) & ultimately gets promoted as a Program Manager.

The impression: Tieto team succeeds in creating a natural office environment with some very essential office property, excellent depiction of security control at door and fun filled situations throughout the drama. Yam's entry in office through security door was hilarious. Yam and Chitragupta after having negotiations with the PM gives 3 months life-extension if PM delivers DMS. On last day of project completion, his own name gets selected by the DMS and in fear he asks his lead to manipulate the data. Unfortunately the lead makes the manipulation – but alas, in other way round! Different characters and their behaviors in different situation added a spice and flavors. At the end of play amazing project management connect through rap song was icing on cake.

16.30pm IST: Award and Closing Ceremony
Last but the most awaited segment of two days event Award ceremony starts sharp on time as decided. DG shares his PM perspective, experiences with drama leaders while interacting and introducing new theme – Project Circus in addition to Drama in PM.

On this platform EVERYONE is WINNER. DG extends the invitation for next year's drama performance and takes the promise from all leaders and drama participants. The best part of the event is Presence of Healthy Competition. A competition with self to excel while helping all others. These are the moments of happiness!


The happy audience!

"The Dramatic world of project management" provides a platform to creatively surface the paradoxes, puns, and pluses in project management implementation. This triggers a new look at project management education and enabling!
I am extremely happy that the 'real' purpose of this platform is being served! Browse through next pages for wonderful photographs & expressions! - DG


Teams drama 2016

The Expressions!

I thoroughly enjoyed the drama on Feb 13th. It was absolutely fantastic, all the participants were no less than any trained theatre artist :) The best part was the pray on "Prakalptaru", it set a totally different and positive vibes in the hall. The pray was running in the back of mind whole day, it had a positive impact. Hats off to you for another beautiful session – Vrushali Phanse. Audience.

I am happy that I could write 3 shows which had audience in laughter and could pass on the required message as well. Many thanks for this wonderful platform. We will attempt to show the same honesty and vigor on the project next year. - Nikhil Dharap - Winner of Best Writer Award for 3 consecutive times

After our drama, my son said, "Pappa, you are wonderful!". Would I have received such compliments from family without such platform? You & your entire team is enthusiastic and the volunteers love what they do. e.g. when we entered backstage, a gentleman approached and whispered "Let me show your change room". It triggered to inform rest team-mates to be quiet. And this caring, smart, and professional experience is consistent since 2013 - Shrikant Narsale - The actor from 3rd Best Performance Award Wining Team

DG, I must appreciate your vision, commitment, planning and control over the program to make it memorable. In Praj, everybody is so exited on hearing our achievement. We all live the Project Management phases, and we simply come to know, iterations in Planning and Execution leads to safe Monitoring & Control and Closing of every Project. At last "Thanks DG" to feel ourselves to be part of PM Professional in every aspect of life. Sachin Tipradi : The Leader of Winning Team.

Dear DG, Thank you so much for encouragement and your consistent communications. I love this event always… good twist "Dramatic Project Management", since its inception in 2013, I naturally got to be part of host team to contribute in organizing this event. Floods of memories and great moments cherished throughout. The professional auditorium, people involved, performers, crowd, all that energy is massive force to connect with and within. The creativity to creation through finest execution is wonderful journey. - Anand Patwa - Volunteer. CEO of Ashwath TechnoSystems.

It's great to see such mails in inbox which gives you more confidence and encouragement in your hectic schedule. - Madhura. Actress.

It's a new opportunity and Chance of self-exploration that I have received in this event. I really want to thank you from bottom of my heart from me and on behalf of my team for making us part of this event and giving us the opportunity. - Sheetal. Winner of Special Mention Award from 2nd Best Performance Team.

Thank you everyone!