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It is here again!  smiley smiley !! 6th year!!!
April 07th and 08th - 2018
This is an invitation to participate in the world's first of a kind event!!!

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Nominal expectations and terms & conditions of the competition! information Entry Form

Theme : The theme should be based on Project Management! smiley

  1. The drama must be scripted and performed on and around the topics closely related to project management – e.g. ecstasies and paradoxes in project management, project manager's life in project, funs n frustrations in PMO, projects, programs, etc.
  2. The drama MUST be humorous – parodies/ satires will be looked forward to. smiley!
  3. The central character (protagonist) should be any one or more of following – project manager / project sponsor / budding project manager / project researcher / PMO member / PM trainer / or even "project" itself smiley; etc.
  4. The performance must create a positive, fun-filled, energetic environment aptly weaving PM incidences

Earn 12 PDUs * | Language: MARATHI and /or HINDI and/or ENGLISH
Duration : The total time provided shall be 60 minutes maximum. This time INCLUDES the time required for setting the stage before the performance and also clearing the stage after the performance. The duration of the play should be min 35 to max 45 minutes.
Number of on-stage performers : Minimum 04. Maximum: Not more than 10.
Number of backstage assistance (including sound and light assistance) : Not more than 6.
Rounds of performance : There shall be 1 (One) round of performance
Rewards : INR 25,000/- for the Winner Performance. | INR 15,000/- for the Runner-Up Performance

Evaluation Criteria :

  1. Adherence to the theme,
  2. Adherence to the time
  3. Effective & efficient use of sound, lights, drapery, characters, stage, acting, dialogs, projection, etc.
  4. Novelty in the theme.
  5. Application of Project Management principles while participating in the competition. **

Parameters (1), (2), (3), and (4) shall be evaluated during the performance by the judges who are the domain expert in "theatre".
** Parameter (5) shall be evaluated by the separate judges committee who are domain experts in project management applications. This is to check the "application of project management principles" considering 'performing in drama competition' as a project. This shall be done before the performance in the form of an interview with a key person (leader / project in-charge) in the team and quick references to documents like planned vs actual cost, schedule, scope, risks, etc. In addition to this, the judges may have their own parameters. The entire team should be present during the interview.

Entry Fees : *INR 8,700/- (non-refundable)
Initial Conformation : By February 24th, 2018 - a confirmation email from the leader
Final Entry Submission : By March 11th, 2018 - completed application form with fees

Infrastructure made available for the competition by the organizers :

Final decision:

Prohibited aspects of the play :

In order to avoid any awkward circumstances; drama should refrain from making any direct connections to religion, gender, sex discrimination, and any such and similar instances that might create unrest in the audience. Organizers are not responsible for such aspects. The play shall be stopped in case it is found violating the rule and it shall be out of competition.

Expenditures of drapery, travel, food of the participating team shall be borne by the participant teams.

Do participate, enjoy, and create a very positive energy through creativity rendering happiness smiley!!

Read about Drama in PM 2017 | Drama in PM 2016 | Drama in PM 2015 | Drama in PM 2014 | Drama in PM 2013

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