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Prakalpa-Taru - protree (Prakalp: means A project and Kalpa-Taru: means A Wishing Tree)

It is the year 2012 when the concept of Prakalaptaru got manifested. This was the year when I completed my 12 years of service in Project Management. It is the time to give back maximum to the society. My choice was to give back moments of happiness while creating pure entertaining environment generating interest in science and art of project management. A common man's life is full of projects. A project is a small life in itself that grows and ends through a life cycle. Project Management is therefore, science of life. The endeavours undertaken so far and in future shall fundamentally be those, which shall create lots of opportunity of happiness & creativity.

I always say : "Project Management is neither a rocket science nor any serious affair. It is simple, sincere, and dedicated efforts to bring in the visibility & predictability in an endeavour performed in the ever-changing environment for the noble benefit of the larger community, making the life more simple, more meaningful & more beautiful"

"Income generated through this products is totally dedicated to educational support to needy in the society"

Life time asset
12 balutedars - set of 12 dvds

Balutedar 01  
Balutedar 03   Balutedar 04
Balutedar 05   06-balutedar