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Balutedar 12 - Off-Beat Tour Operator : Mr. Abhay Ghanekar


By Abhijeet Pendharkar | For DVDs write to

This comparison is based onthe interview of Mr. Abhay Ghanekar conducted by Dhananjay Gokhale on 19th April 2015. Mr. Abhay Ghanekar is a Nature Lover & is an Offbeat Wild Life Adventure Tour Operator.

fp1Human Protocols is a set of plans, processes, policies, procedures & guidelines contained in the Organizational Process Assets (OPAs) of an organization of human beings. Nature's Protocols is a set of plans, processes, policies, procedures & guidelines contained in the OPAs of THE LORD ALMIGHTY.

Human Protocols are specific to & used by the performing organization or by a community of human beings. Nature's Protocols are applicable to the living & the dead.fp4

Human Protocols are created by more capable human-beings to guide lesser capable human-beings. Many times, the more capable human-beings think that these protocols are not applicable to them (they being the creators themselves). [This is why anyone can become a PM without formal training]. On the contrary, the Nature's Protocols are applicable to the CREATOR as well and they happen to be the very reason behind the difference between more capable & lesser capable human beings.

Human Protocols are generally in 'written form' but Perform Quality Assurance of human-beings is weak. Hence nobody is serious about reading, understanding or following them. And they can be easily broken or bent. Nature's Protocols are in 'unwritten form' but Perform Quality Assurance of the Nature is unbeatable. Hence all entities in the universe understand them & abide by them. Nature is unforgiving; hence if protocols are not followed, entities die or even become extinct.fp2

Human Protocols are based on trial & error. Hence Abhay tries out considerable amount of time in Chemistry discipline before moving on to what he loves most (offbeat nature exploration). Nature's Protocols do not provide such second chances.

Human Protocols require learning &hand-holding. Hence an Abhay could get into trekking with his father only at age of seven (& not before). Nature's Protocols are built-in &hence a duckling starts swimming as soon as it is born.

Human Protocols are meant to be broken [What client wants supersedes values or beliefs]. Nature's Protocols cannot be broken.

fp6Implementation of Human Protocols requires right skills, capabilities, &attitude in human beings [PMBOK Chapter 9 Human Resource Management]. That's why Abhay looks for 'natural enthusiasm towards travelling' in a potential candidate while acquiring project team. Many times, the environment in which Human Protocols are used, leads to development of new competencies.

Abhay over a period has developed patience for people & processes, learnt to appreciate/respect the competitors than hating them & understands that certain amount of fear helps people perform better. Implementation of Nature's Protocol is irrespective of the skills, capabilities or attitudes of entities & the only governing principle is 'Struggle for existence & survival of the fittest'.

Human Protocols are in written form which means they are very easy to explore. But unfortunately, the only people who are interested in exploring Human Protocols are probably the bunch of auditors. On the other hand, large numbers of people are interested in exploring the Nature's Protocols. But Nature's Protocols are not in written form; hence they need guidance from an experienced nature explorer.fp7

Human Protocols do not take 'Lessons Learnt' seriously. Hence they generally result in 'Revolutions' (Mistake-> CR -> No Lessons Learnt -> Same Mistake Again). Nature's Protocols take 'Lessons Learnt' very seriously. Hence they result in 'Evolutions'.

People practicing Human Protocols are mostly driven by extrinsic motivations (They require some kind of rewards or recognition) to keep going. People practicing Nature's protocols are driven by intrinsic motivations (They are self-motivated). Mr. Abhay Ghanekar never had to devise Human Protocols to retain talent in his organization because his people work for the pleasure of being with nature than anything else.

Every entity in the Nature (except human-beings) has a gentleman inside who tries to obey the Human Protocols. Hence wild animals never attack human-beings unless provoked. On the contrary, every human-being has a wild animal inside which tries its best to disobey the Nature's Protocols. Disobedience with Nature's Protocols ultimately unleashes Nature's fury in form of Volcano eruptions, untimely weather changes, Tsunamis & the likes.