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T20 Sessions - 180 minutes - fun-filled!

Learn Unknowing and Apply Knowingly!

Why small sessions?

In an era of T20 cricket matches, agile, quick results and speed; training & facilitation programs cannot be of long duration. And hence here goes set of lots of small sessions.
The advantages :

  • Short duration: Participants have to be in the sessions for ONLY 180 minutes!
  • Larger group size is also accommodated. Around 40 to 45 in one batch!
  • Fit to budget!
  • Flexibility: Selection Flexibility - Any or Many modules can be selected as per requirement. We can start with one. Agile way

They are short and effective!

Duration of sessions:

Each session is of 180 minutes (+20 minutes buffer time)

Learning & facilitation methodologies of the sessions :

  • Lecture and theory and conversations
  • Self work – reading, study
  • Role Plays / Games
  • Interview listening / Interviewing
  • Experiencing through real life project sharing
  • Participants' presentations
  • Research - practical info collection and analysis
  • External people sharing their experiences.

Learning focus of the sessions :

The facilitation & learning focus in the session are on following competencies …

  • Ability to..
  • visualize and share the pictures of post-implementation benefits
  • create Drive for closure and reusable information generation
  • influence stakeholders
  • sense the commercial and business perspectives of the work
  • withhold oneself in getting carried-away by "tools only" syndrome
  • get the things done even in the environment of lack of formal authority
  • define the "key" end state with completion criteria
  • bring in "Visibility" and "Predictability" in the work!

The skills associated with defining and managing an endeavor can be learned. Understanding and practicing the concepts taught in this class increases the success on the project.

Who can attend?

People at Senior, Middle, and Junior Management & Leadership Levels, Team Members, from any size and type of organizations – small, medium, private, corporate, NGOs. It is all about being more adaptive still systematic & disciplined bringing visibility & predictability in the endeavor driving and focusing on excellence. …

Description of sessions:

A. These are actually Success Mantras of management & leadership! This intervention presents the audio-video GLIMPSES of the live interviews of professionals like Cinematographer, Mount Everest Expedition Leader, Railway Loco Pilot, Fighter Pilot, Ship Captain, ICC Cricket Umpire, Cyber Fraud Investigator and like! It elaborates and presents the Journey from Vision to Reality through 14 stations! Vision >>Stakeholders >> Streaming-in >> Team >> Individual >> Self >> Energy >> Initiate >> Plan >> Execute >> Monitor >> Forecast >> Control >> Close (Reality). Their wisdom, their perspective towards the work in hand – lot to learn! In absolutely fun-filled & intriguing environment! The interviews trigger the thought process powerfully.
B. World of people & preference! Which way my stakeholders like to seek information? Does one prefer checklist? Why my team mate is not happy with overall description? Why do details make one happy? Why can't people respond to email? ... so on so forth! It is all about preferences. This short module is designed facilitate this understanding and to make use of people-preferences while dealing with the people in and around the work undertaken - project or operation.
C. Down Periscope! Oh yes, it is a name of a Hollywood movie, not widely seen, but a master piece with a light comedy, and of course a strong insight on leadership required! In a team environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, taking decisions and actions are better when done cooperatively. It is the manager/ leader who bring this cooperative mindset. This session brings in this mindset.
D. Agility - the way of life! It was 15th century when the word "agile" or "agility" was used for the first time! The word "agility" means the quality of quick & light in motion, marked by quick, alert, clever, responsive, & sensitive behavior. This session of 180 minutes "Agility - The Way of Life" is aimed at taking the participants to the root and the real implementation oriented meaning with "agile way" of management. It creates interest and willingness that brings in more collaboration by decoding the real meaning & implication.
E. Let's be LEAN! Hide & Seek of Waste and Value! A very clear "antonym" relation! Constant desire for improvement is one of the basic instincts of a human begin and therefore that of an organization! Although Waste & Value appear antonyms; "Understanding Waste" itself is the first step towards "Adding Value". Having understood the waste, the next starts with elimination! This short module is all about practical implementation of "Understanding Waste" & "Adding value" through LEAN.
F. It is fun - Bringing visibility n predictability in work! Participants play a game almost for 2 hrs and then another one hr session they spend on post-mortem & debriefing. The game maps all the processes – Work/ Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing and areas of focus like - Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, HR, Communication, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholders, and Integration) of work & opearations - leadership & management. During the game, participants have to actually deliver a product as per the specifications given in the game description sheet. Participants are given 41-points checklist for future use!
G. Art of visualization of the work undertaken - project or operation! Like a drama or movie director visualizes the complete drama while reading the novel; a leader & or manager with the help of the experts around should visualize the work undertaken - project or operation. Effective presentation of the visualization is a key contributor for engaging the stakeholders. This session brings in this learning while using deliverable break-down structure (DBS), exclusion, interfaces & boundary definition, and presentation!
H. Defining the length of visualization! Time is an eternal axis that however becomes finite element for the work undertaken - project or operation! This session is designed to make participant to prepare a 'measurable' and 'reliable' answer for "by when?" i.e. the scheduling aspect of the work undertaken - project or operation! This is the aspect that brings in the execution strategy rehearsal that is of utmost importance aspect in work undertaken - project or operation management by developing a schedule. (The module can be facilitated with the help of Microsoft Project).
I. Managing uncertainties (risks) in work undertaken - project or operation! There is a very interesting statement about risk: Risk is a problem whose time is yet to occur! OR Problem is a risk whose time has occurred!!  And the biggest problem is that many leaders & managers get trapped in problem solving mindset when risk management perspective is required! This session is designed to bring in this fundamental understanding on Risk management - concept, fundamentals, identification techniques, analysis normalization, analysis techniques, risk prioritization, PIDU, responses strategies - opportunities and threats responses, monitoring, and re-assessment.
J. Aiming to noiseless (lesser noise) communications! We often find ourselves needing to better understand and adapt to customers, colleagues, vendors and partners in the business ecosystem. Whether you interact face to face or virtually your ability to communicate effectively can make a remarkable impact on your success as an individual and as a team in organization's business. Communication is a very dynamic interaction between senders and receivers. This session relates back to preferences session with specific reinforcement on working on effective communications!
K. Tracking the path created by visualization of length! Schedule is the most tangible and equally volatile execution strategy document! A work tracking meeting should get over in no more than 15 minutes, and this is possible only when one has a very clearly, reliably, quantitatively tracked project schedule. This session brings in alertness in creating reliable visibility & predictability!
L. Developing PMOs & PM Competencies: Like the buffalos that roam, project management is found at specific spots within an organization, as well as on alterative grazing grounds depending on the season and the time. The premise behind the enterprise project management is that it should permeate the organization. The project management office (PMO) is a key to ensure that project management is effectively applied across the organization.
M. Agile is the MINDSET. It is NOT a framework, set of tools/ techniques! The real need to is to go back to Basic Human Fundamentals that are NOT new. "Information radiator ... Osmotic Communications ... Adaptive and Servant Leadership ... Managing Conflicts ... Collaborative environment ... Self managed team ... team motivating the team ... leading by side ... paperless work ... " Aren't these interesting? Amazing part is that non-software professionals like Cinematographer, Mount Everest Expedition Leader, Railway Loco Pilot, Fighter Pilot, Ship Captain, ICC Cricket Umpire, Chief of Police these principles their day-to-day life.

Flow & Combination of sessions:

The flow of the session can be tweaked as per the priority. This set is indeed a quite flexible & adaptive.


General Expected Seating arrangement: As suggested in the adjacent diagram.

Infrastructure Requirement: for each session: Presentation arrangements (LCD Projector), Flip charts (15 to 20), Flip chart holder, White board and markers – Blue, Red, Green, Black at least 2 each, Lose blank A4 size sheets – around 25

Venue: Either at Client Site or External Venue

seating arrangement