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Activating the Transformation

Short and Effective Leadership Development Program!

Course Code : 25ATTLDXXDCL | Duration : 25 hrs spread over 6 weeks

Introduction :

This program creates the awareness of the choice that an every individual have. It emphasizes the necessity of the transformation required in self and hence motivating others to walk along with you.

Leadership is a choice.
Any development is fundamentally a transformation.

Any transformation starts at self and then reaches to others. Behavioral competencies, appealing communications, team, and capitalizing on conflicts for contribution are then the key requirements on this journey.

Modules :

This course provides an opportunity to experience through the following modules.
[**Refer the section “Description of Individual Modules” below]

Maximum number of Participants : 1 or maximum 2 at a time

Core Faculty : Dhananjay Gokhale | View Profile

Methodology :

Assignments :

Participant(s) are expected to complete the prescribed “self/home work” before coming to next intervention.

**Description of Individual Modules :