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Project Management Courses :

Mentoring By DG
Sr. No. Course Number Course Name Details
1. 88PMOPGXXHCD Being and Developing PMO - A mindset (12 PDU's) get details
2. ACETFXXHCGM Express ETF (07 PDU's) get details
3. 18TTTFPXXMCL Creating Wonders in Training (24 PDU's) get details
4. 17RCIPMXXMCL PM-Rhythm-Certification Course in Project Management get details
5. 91JIWSOXXMCL Journey from “I” to “We”: 8 sessions of half day each get details
6. 25ATTLDXXDCL Activating The Transformation get details

1 to 4 days Duration Courses
Sr. No. Course Number Course Name Duration Details
1. 087SAFECXXDCL Leading SAFe® with SAFe® Agilist Certification (14 PDU's) 2 Days get details
2. 14SFACPXDCL Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP)® Examination Study Facilitation (21 PDU's) 3 Days get details
3. 01SFPMPXXDCL PMP® Examination Study Facilitation (35 PDU's) 4 Days get details
4. 69SFRMPXXDCL PMI-RMP® Examination Study Facilitation Workshop (30 PDU's) 3 Days get details
5. PMPRCXXHC6E PMP® Refresh It Clear It - Refresher Course(7 PDU's) 0.5 Days get details
6. 03EUMSPXXDCL Effectively Using Microsoft Project for Project Success (14 PDU's) 2 Days get details
7. 04EROPSXXDCL Effectively Reviewing Microsoft Project Schedules 2 Days get details
8. 05BVPIPXXDCL Bringing Visibility and Predictability in Projects 2 Days get details
9. 82BROSMXXDCL By-For-Of the Stakeholders: Managing Stakeholders (07 PDU's) 1 Day get details
10. 60LSXMAXXDCL Appreciating LEAN Six Sigma (14 PDUs) 2 Days get details
11. 07PMFSPXXDCL Managing Projects in Support Functions 2 Days get details
12. 08PMSSPXXDCL Project Management in Six-Sigma Projects 2 Days get details
13. 10ERMIPXXDCL Managing Risks In Projects (14 PDUs) 2 Days get details
14. 12EPPFPXXDCL Presenting Projects for Better Management 2 Days get details
15. 13UCCPMXXDCL Critical Chain Project Management - Fundamentals Matters 1 Day get details
16. 11UEVMAXX2DCL Earned Value Management – How much, for what, by when? 2 Days get details
17. 09EUWBSXXDCL Working with WBS for Project Success 2 Days get details

T 20 - 180 mins, Fun Filled!

In an era of T20 cricket matches, agile, quick results and speed; training & facilitation programs need to be crisp.
The advantages:
Short duration: Participants have to be in the sessions for ONLY 180 minutes!
Larger group size can be accommodated. Around 40 to 45 in one batch!
Fits well in the Budget!
Selection Flexibility - Any or Many modules can be selected as per requirement. We can start with one - Agile way
They are short and effective!

For more details: : T - 20 Sessions

Leadership & Collaboration
Sr. No. Course Number Course Name Details
1. 25ATTLDXXDCL Activating The Transformation get details

These programs create the awareness of the choice that an every individual have. The set of programs emphasizes the necessity of the transformation required in self and hence motivating others to walk along with you. Any transformation starts at self and then reaches to others. Behavioral competencies, appealing communications, team, and capitalizing on conflicts for contribution are then the key requirements on this journey.

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