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Being & Developing PMO - A Mindset!

Course Code : 88PMOPGXXHCD

Blend of personal coaching, self-paced learning & practical assignment


Of late, PMO (Project & Program Management Office) is becoming a watchword in the industry. It is indeed a good sign. However one needs to follow certain discipline to seek the maximum yield from this domain. PMO plays (should play) extremely important role in Building PM Competencies in the organization.

What is observed is extreme dearth of competent people. This incompetency is not only on skill-based, it is also observed on the front of willingness. The self-esteem and the esteem for the role of PMO itself is very low. The reason behind this is abuses of PMO.

Lately, the need for “true” PMOs is felt. And hence, it is high time to develop competent people who will be able to adopt the mindset of being & developing PMO. The simple thumb-rule so far I have observed is 1:3.5. It means that the person working with this mindset gets exposure & development of 3.5 years in 1 year.

This learning intervention is designed for interested & committed people.

Learning Objectives:

  • During & at the end of these interventions, the participant shall be able to…
  • Define the real contribution of PMO to PM Competencies
  • List at least 7 essential competencies for PMOs
  • List 7 verbs & 9 nouns and therefore 63 areas of competencies
  • List 4 buckets of PMOs
  • Express the action items for developing PMO and PM Competencies in the organization
  • Define the conduct of SMRM© (Single digit Minute project Review Meeting)
  • *SMRM is a term and concept defined, developed & owned by Dhananjay Gokhale.

Suggested Methodology :

  • Read + Watch + Solve: “Wonderland of PMO” in a rhythm –regular manner.
  • Interaction with DG after 6 Chapters (expected to complete in Two weeks)
  • Total 4 interactions are planned with DG over phone or WhatsApp or Skype
  • Each interaction shall be of 30 minutes.
    • Interaction 1: Before the learning intervention begins.
    • Interaction 2: After completing Chapters 1 to 5 (or 6)
    • Interaction 3: After completing Chapters 7 to 12 (or 10)
    • Interaction 4: At the end – after completing the 14th Chapter

Note: The personal coaching sessions shall mainly be Question Answer based. The personal coaching will be more effective if the participants come forward with their difficulties, queries, references, etc.

Sessions and Rhythm:

  • You shall read the chapter, solve online assessment, and watch the online module.
  • Chapter 01: Read + Solve the online assessment +Watch Module 1 online
  • Repeat the above rhythm for all the chapters.
  • A cycle of Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday is followed.
  • This means in a week, the participant shall go through 3 Chapters.

Participants Kit:

  • Book – “Wonderland of PMO” Author: Dhananjay Gokhale
  • Book – “PM Competency Assessment – A case” author: Dhananjay Gokhale
  • Mentoring by Dhananjay Gokhale
  • Access to Online Videos “Wonderland of PMO – What Works & What Doesn’t”
  • Watch Trailor |Complete Course
    It elaborates…
    • 63 strings of PM,
    • 12 characteristics of namesake & contributory PMO
    • 11 functions of contributory PMO
    • 50 parameters of PM competency assessment & development
    • 9 issues that one needs to tackle while setting up a PMO
    • 8 effective actions to set up the PMO
  • Online assessments on all the 14 chapters in the book – Wonderland of PMO
  • 19 point checklist & formats on effective project reviews
  • Certificate of participation with 12 PDU's(Strategic-5, Leadership-4, Technical-3)

PM Competencies Wonderland The "PM Competencies" book is a part of "Wonderland of PMO" book, connected via chapter 10. The PM Competencies book consists of Questions. The participants are expected to solve these questions prior to interaction with DG.


Duration Duration: 5 Weeks
It is unique blend of mentoring by DG, self-paced learning & assessment.
Specifically developed for senior people who wish to grow further in mentoring & consulting for project management & leadership.
Of late, the need for “true” PMOs is felt. And hence, it is high time to develop competent people who will be able to adopt the mindset of being & developing PMO.
Claim 12 PDUs.