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Dramatic World of Project Management! -2018: Summary

Drafted by Prashant Koparkar, PMP, Photo Credit to Swati Kadu, PMP Refined by Dhananjay Gokhale, PMP, PMI-RMP, Man of the Year 2012 by ABI, USA.

5 industry teams, 65 actors and backstage support, 170 plus audience, 20 volunteers, 2 PM Juries, 3 backstage engineers, with one common thread amongst all – the enthusiasm and happiness of participating in the consecutive 6th year of the unique event – “The Dramatic World of Project Management” organized by Dhananjay Gokhale (DG) took place on Saturday 8th April - 2018.

8th April 2018, Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium

07:30 am IST: A Stand up meeting at the basement with Volunteers to start the day. Registration desk and welcome section to be ready to welcome the first team at 07:45 am IST.

09:00 am IST: DG, Geeta and team leaders are on stage. Geeta greets everyone and the event begins with “Nandi” (A ritual song to seek support from the God). Team leaders brief audience about their plays. DG completes the opening ceremony by reminding all participants not to be nervous as we all are here to enjoy.

09:10 am IST: The third bell rings, lights off, camera and action - 1st performance of the day begins - Akshamya by Dassault Systems

The plot: A project is initiated to solve psychological problem faced by a woman, due to reading of diary of an earlier resident in her house.

The Impression: An unknown person tells someone over phone, not to be nervous even though the project is very critical.
On a rainy night Riya is alone at home……She is upset with her husband that he is not coming home and ignoring her. She suspects that her friend is responsible for her husband’s behavior. She is afraid to allow anyone home while she is alone. She skeptically opens door for Shankar, her regular “iron wala”. What follows after is a suspense thriller…… There is no electricity at home. While a police inspector tries to convince Riya to open door for him, Riya sees dead body of Shankar. The inspector breaks into the house. What happens next????? Is the inspector a real inspector?????What is the critical project that was talked about in the beginning???

10:00 am IST: Project Diamond by Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

The Plot : A group of people are on mission to search a diamond, which will help them fulfil their dream.

The Impression : Many people gather at a place because they received SMS about searching for diamond. They find a map that may to lead them to the diamond.
Each one of them badly wants the diamond. They believe that the money earned from diamond will help them fulfil their dream. They decide to go on diamond hunt together. With help of a scientist, who helps them decode the map, they begin their journey…. During the journey they get to know each other well and also become aware of their own strengths. The journey is long and difficult but it is fun-filled for the audience. Is a diamond really needed to fulfil dreams??? Is searching for a diamond the real objective of the project?

Project Diamond

Risk-Bali11:00 am IST: Risk-Bali by Manch - BNY Mellon Company

The Plot: Prince Bahu and Prince Bhallal are ready to become Project Managers 😊. But only one of them can become Project Manager of Mahishmati.

The Impressions: Raj-Mata (Queen Mother) wants to choose the next Project Manager of Mahishmati. She believes that both Bahu and Bhallal are ready for the role, but only one can be chosen. King Kalakeya is about to attack Mahishmati. Raj-Mata declares that whoever will put closure to the Kalakeya’s project of attacking Mahishmati will be chosen as Project Manager….

Here Katappa informs Bahubali that Ballal already allocated resources to his project of defeating Kalakeya….Bahu decides to take help of his PMP certified Guruji….. How Bahu deals with Kalakeya?…is beautifully linked with the concepts of Risk Management, accompanied by continuous bursts of laughter from audience…..Katappa plays funny sidekick and gibberish language of Kalakeya is well received by audience. Will Bahu be chosen as Project Manager of Mahishmati?????

12:00 noon IST: Dehachi Tijori by Tieto India Pvt. Ltd.

The Plot: Managed by Brain, different organs of body are work together as a team.

The Impression: The play begins with Brain trying to wake up all team members – Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Kidneys…. Over eating, drinking and smoking of last night’s party has affected all. The play goes in flashback….
Some major external events, lead the brain in making bad decision about habits. The play depicts in humorous ways how external environment factors affect performance of organs. Team members give warning signals to Project Manager. If Project Managers ignore the warnings given by team members, the effects can be disastrous….. Will the project be back on track with team members working efficiently??? Or will it go down the spiral???

01:00 pm IST: Password by PRAJ Industries

The Plot: How modern life is affected when there is no access to smartphone...

The Impression: Rohan Bhagwat has lost something and everyone is asking him “saapadala ka?” (“did you find it?”)….. again and again asking the same question to Rohan…

Even his mother-in-law calls-up to enquire about the same. His losing of that something has become a joke. He is having a lot of trouble which includes dealing with bank. He is required to go to bank after almost 10 years…..His humorous interactions at bank, at garden and with his old teacher and uncle brings out the problem with the busy professionals who are not having time for social events and to meet people. But they are busy on social media, missing pleasure of observing things like observing birds or playing of kids around. Finally,,, his problem of lost password of mobile is resolved. He is relieved that now he will be able to communicate…. The play makes audience introspect whether is smartphone really needed for communication???? Has it simplified our life or made it more complex??


02:00 pm IST: Award and Closing Ceremony:

DG shared his PM perspective, experiences with drama leaders.
It was indeed electrifying to experience the charged-up atmosphere and many takeaways from this project. For him this is always a 'Project- Fun-and-Learn' and 'Human Lab' megaproject. The way teams are built, knowledge is shared, creativity unleashed and project management learned through this is unparalleled. What adds as an Icing on the cake are the concepts which are based on a humorous themes..So at the end we see many happy faces onstage and in the audience who have learned a lot in the process.

On this platform EVERYONE is WINNER.
DG extends the invitation for next year’s drama performance and takes the promise from all leaders and drama participants. The best part of the event is Presence of Healthy Competition. A competition with self to excel while helping all others. These are the moments of happiness!


DG expressed the need that the experiences should be captured throughout the year. Drama is not written overnight. The drama happens everywhere. In every team, every organizations. While one goes through the experiences one must capture them. Emotions like anxiety, happiness, pleasure, frustration, can be turned into humor bringing the edutainment!


Teams drama 2018

See you all in the Next Dramatic World in Project Management in 2019

Thank you everyone!